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About us

TamSys India

From cable conduits to nylon and steel chains, from sheaths and protectors to ready-to-install solutions, TamSys provides precision-engineered solutions that deliver power, control, and data to moving machines.

We are a strategic partner and sole distributor in India for Brevetti Stendalto, Italy, for their nylon cable-carrier chains, steel energy chains, robotic chains, flexible cables, and turnkey, pre-assembled chain systems.

We are also the authorised distributor for Newcomen S.r.l., Italy for Galvi ATEX Electro-hydraulic Thruster Brakes.

We provide chain system solutions, consultancy and inspection services in the following areas:

  • Cranes & Bulk Material Handling
  • Ports & Maritime
  • Oil & Gas Offshore
  • Mining
  • Power Plants
  • Airports

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TamSys India is the sole distributor in India for Brevetti Stendalto

Brevetti Stendalto, founded in 1968, is headquartered in Monza, Italy. A a leading company in the engineering and manufacturing of drag chains, for dynamic protection of cables and hoses used to transfer energy and/or signals between two parts of a machine in relative motion to each other.

Brevetti Stendalto’s capability to innovate has always been a core strategy, with a strong focus on custom solutions that help customers to operate in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Their deep industry knowledge and cross-sector expertise help to maximize value for our clients and deliver turnkey solutions (complete systems with cables and hoses included, transport, commissioning, maintenance services)

TamSys India is an authorised distributor in India for ATEX Galvi Thruster Brakes

GALVI NEWCOMEN is founded in 1962 and is headquartered in Lissone (MB). They are a leading manufacturer for shoe brakes, disc brakes, thrusters, accessories and rotating components for brakes, and safety components.

These are typically used in cranes, winches and different kinds of machines and plants used in steel industry, ports, shipbuilding, mining, shipyards, in civil, mechanical, cement and paper industry, in power stations, in waste management, on belt conveyors, rubber mixers and people transport plants.

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As the Indian partner to Brevetti Stendalto and Galvi Newcomen, TamSys India facilitates a local geo-based presence, provides a range of quality products, imparts high quality consulting and implementation services, and delivers an enhanced customer experience to stakeholders and end-users across several heavy engineering and CAPEX industries.


TamSys India comprises of an experienced and skilled team of consultants with international experience and a deep understanding of the India engineering industry.

Our team comes with over 30 years of experience in the area of heavy engineering cranes and
electrification for bulk material handling, ports, maritime & airports.

Our proposition

A unique blend of international experience and a team of localized consultants and technical
expertise allows us to offer highly competitive services to the Indian heavy engineering industry,
in collaboration with our international partners for high quality products.

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What makes us unique is our blend of international experience and completely localized sales and service support in India, maintaining high standards of quality in a prohibitively competitive scenario..

Experienced Team

The team at Tamsys India collectively brings together more than 150 man-years in engineering, consultancy, and technical expertise with a pan-India presence.

Local India Presence

As the exclusive Indian distributor of Brevetti Stendalto products, we maintain a local inventory of spare components for Brevetti’s high-quality cables, dynamic chain protection systems, and cable-carrying chains.

Customizable Solutions

Our chain systems, sheaths and cable protectors are available in a wide range of sizes. We also work on custom specifications and deliver turnkey solutions to meet customers' requirements.

Service Quality & Post-sales Support

Once you buy a product from us, we support you through the product lifecycle. On-time delivery and expert support are our hallmarks.

Quality Policy

We, at TamSys India Private Limited, are committed to :

Mission & Vision

TamSys India Private Limited aims to provide well engineered, efficient and reliable
solutions for delivering power, control and data to moving machines.

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We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Reach out to us for high-quality chain systems, dynamic protection for cables and hoses. Turn to TamSys for onsite service requirements to troubleshoot existing chain systems, reduce downtime and increase the longevity of your equipment.

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