IR Chain

Invisible Roller (IR) Chains

Brevetti Stendalto chains with the Invisible Roller system are designed for very long travel applications, with high speed and acceleration in harsh environments.

Sliding chains have been developed to cover any travel distance that reaches beyond self-supporting capacity. Beside the traditional chains of Brevetti's Sliding Series, the "Invisible Roller" IR Chain technology was introduced which feature a wider sliding surface, as well as integrated pop-up wheels that appear only when needed. Brevetti's innovative IR-Chain technology is the right solution for extremely long strokes, high speed, heavy added loads, or otherwise demanding applications, and offers great reliability, minimum wearing, easy maintenance.

Benefits of the IR System

  1. Low push-pull force needed IR-chains have been designed to reduce the minimum force required to set the system in motion
  2. Smooth movement Invisible rolling system eliminates the interference between rollers. On the upper chain portion the rollers are retracted while on the lower portion they are protruded to increase the performance all links have the same pitch.
  3. The engineered rolling solution avoids wearing and extends the life of the system.
  4. Highest priority has been to design a reliable solution for harsh environments, including dust and mud. Specific openings have been properly engineered to avoid accumulation of undesired material in critical areas.

Products Information

  • Brand: Brevetti Stendalto, Italy
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  • ISO Certificate:
  • Industries Applicable: Oil & Gas, Bulk Material and Cargo, Ports
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  • Tags: Cable Chains, IR Chains, Invisible Roller, Engineered roller solution

Photos of IR Chains

Take a look at some photos of IR Chains from Brevetti Stendalto

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